Robotic Cutting Is a Cost Effective Solution


Sewer Pipe Robot Cutting

Global Sewer Technologies provides a simple and cost-effective solution to construction companies and developers with a unique service in pipe rehabilitation during the construction phase. The problems of intruding connections and displaced rubber rings can be overcome using the latest robotic cutters which fit easily into a manhole.

The cutter simply travels up into a section of pipe-work and removes any intruding lateral or rubber ring without the need for excavation. This process saves valuable time and money for any developer faced with this problem. This cutter can also cut through concrete and stone blockages which are suitable for domestic household and private properties.
Global Sewer Technologies has various types of cutting robots that can easily access difficult areas such as rear gardens or for working on railway lines.

The robotic cutting units are also used in conjunction with our sewer rehabilitation equipment to prepare pipes for re-lining or patch repairs by removing any intrusions or encrustation/roots prior to repair and to re-open lateral connections when rehabilitation is complete.



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