Trench less Technologies

Global Sewer Trench-less technologies

Our environmental friendly trench-less technologies have always gone one step farther by seeking out the most current trench-less technology solutions to provide our customers the right solution using the right equipment. Our reputation for successfully sewer solving solutions is backed with experienced knowledge operators and technician.

Global Sewer Technologies is more than advanced sewer technologies and skilled crews, we work to develop long-term business relationships with our client’s through quality service and attention to details.

Why Trench-less Technology?

  • Quality: Using trenchless technologies has proven to last longer than original pipes, more dependable, and durable. Often out to five (50) years more lifetime!
  • Save Time and Money: These type of sewer repair technologies require minimal or no digging at all, this saved millions of taxpayers dollars each year while is done in a more efficient time matters, and this means less obstruction to road pavements, traffic obstructions, and building functionality.
  • Environmental Friendly! This trenchless technology is more efficient and provides less obstruction to cities landscaping and rural areas and decrease carbon footprint by 70% less than traditional methods. We consider trenchless technology a green solution for sewer maintenance and repairs.

Our Trenchless Services

  • Grout repairs
  • Forma Drain Tee Liners
  • Liners
  • Spot Repairs
  • Mandrill Test
  • Re-rounding
  • Pipe Sag & Pounding Repairs

Our Equipment

  • Grout Track
  • Sewer Liners
  • Formadrain
  • Sag Repair Tech-Machine