Dye Testing


Dye testing is a method used to locate intrusion of rain or groundwater into the sewer system (inflow and infiltration) or can determine the existing cross connections. The dye test can be performed on any dwelling connected to the sewer system. The procedure for performing dye testing is rather simple and consists of introducing dyed water into roof drain leaders, driveway drains, area drains, and the like. After introducing the dyed water, the downstream sewer manhole is checked, or if an inspection port is present, it is checked to observe for dyed water. A vented trap must be exposed to the outside of the home. This test should be performed in combination with a CCTV.
Dye Testing for leak detection

A typical application of water flow tracing include:

● Plumbing/piping tracing
● Leak detection
● Checking for illegal tapping
● Pollution studies
● Natural water flow analysis (rivers, lakes, ocean currents, cave water-flows, karst studies, groundwater filtration, etc.)
● Sewer and stormwater drainage analysis
● Medicine and biology
● Cross Connection


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