Smoke Testing


  • Smoke testing is a technique that can be used to locate different defects within the pipes. Smoke testing can detect cracks and gaps in downpipes and other external flow channels.
  • The services that Global Sewer Technologies provides includes underground radar, finding leaks and blocked drains, roots inclusion in underground pipes and also the location of breaks or leaks in pipelines.
  • Whenever some kind of pipe problem is being faced it is mostly unidentified. Global Sewer Technologies provide services which can be detected all types of defects.
Sewer Smoke Testing  

Smoke testing is a non-corrosive, odorless smoke used to locate defects in any size sewer or stormwater system, detecting cross connections and breaks in the lines.
Our company can help you reduce delays in fault finding by using odorless smoke. Using the most technically advanced smoke testing and detection equipment, we can pinpoint exact locations of leaks in walls, under floors and in concrete slabs.

Global Sewer Technologies uses quality smoke testing equipment to force non-toxic, man-made artificial smoke into sewerage, drain and waste pipes under low pressure to find leaks.  Any leaking will allow this smoke to escape showing the defects or holes in the pipes.


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