Sewer Lateral Liners


Global Sewer Technologies operates a full range of robotic cutters, integrated for use with CCTV vans. Each installation crew has one CCTV inspection truck that is equipped with robotic cutters with a supply of spare parts for field repairs if necessary.

Global Sewer Technologies CCTV trucks are equipped with two pan & tilt color cameras, winch system, a computer with video recording capability and numerous spare parts.

 Sewer Root Cleaning Tools

Before and after root removal and sewer pipe line liner repair

Inspection of area finds a fully deteriorated condition. Roots have penetrated the system causing sluggish flow.

The area is cleaned and Structural Spot Repair is pulled into place through an existing manhole.

Structural  Repairs

The repair process now begins. Curing is accomplished by inflating with air, steam or water. Within minutes, the customized resin crosslinks to form a hard impermeable pipe.

Structural Spot Repairs

The Structural Spot Repair is fully cured and the system is now flowing smoothly. The pipe is tightly sealed with the GLOBAL SEWER TECH system, eliminating the need for any future repair.

Private owners of building sewer laterals expect quality in every project. To ensure this quality is consistent in every application, our company has installation and material specifications for our Certified Installers to follow.



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