Sewer Flashing


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Global Sewer Technologies is well equipped, experienced staff that makes it possible to perform a wide range of residential and commercial infrastructure cleaning jobs. In addition, our fleet of industrial vacuum trucks gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently clean dirt and debris from catch basins of any depth.

Sewer Cleaning Tools

Don’t wait for a sewer pipeline to plug to found that you have a problem, schedule regular sewer inspection, will save you lot’s of problems, and money!

Waterjetting can solve tough product removal and surface cleaning by combining the latest in jetting machine and sewer nozzle technologies.

We spend a lot of time keeping up to date with vendors on cutting-edge products and services.


Our operators are fully trained to understand the difference between pressure versus flow and how to select the right nozzles for the job.

We also teach them how to handle many different kinds of debris in a pipe as well as different pipe materials.


Being able to identify the difference between a concrete pipe and asbestos pipe can make all the difference in the world.


Pipelines are flushed using a high-pressure nozzle which gathers the debris to the manhole. It is then cleaned in sections using a high-pressure vacuum to ensure that the lines are clear for proper drainage.


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