Lining T & Y Connections is Finally Easy and Affordable

Global Sewer Technologies have the pleasure to announce that Lining T & Y Connections is Finally Easy and Affordable

before and after liner application

The FORMADRAIN® No-Dig CIPP system enables you to install completely structural and watertight T or Y connections.
LMC® Technology can consistently line diameters ranging from 6-inch main with 4-inch lateral (150-100 mm) to 18-inch main with an 8-inch lateral (450-200 mm).

Custom fabrications can be manufactured upon request.


Using standard FORMADRAIN® Equipment No additional tools required.

Inflow and Infiltration (I & I):

of growing concern to municipalities around North America.
One of the main sources of I & I lay in the connections
between laterals and the main Line (LMC). Often these joints
are located in spots where digging is difficult and costly.
FORMADRAIN® LMC® Connection System is a pulled-in-place,
steam cured Technology that utilizes a specially designed
mandrel, fiberglass and epoxy system that produces a thin,
watertight extra strong, fully cured repair within 45 minutes.

FORMADRAIN® Technology offers you several options, including:

• Epoxy-free from harmful chemicals (No VOC’s) that
features a 4-hour open time.
• FORMADRAIN® also offers a prefabricated Bladder,
Fiberglass and Epoxy LMC® to your specifications and
send to you, this is possible with our DURAPOX® 60
days open time resin.

For Sewer Re-liners T-Liners Y-Liners

360° Support. You Get More!
FORMADRAIN® is a proven, fully supported, design engineered the system.

When you join the FORMADRAIN® Team you receive:

• Training
• The Know-how of a proven
Technology – since 1994
• High Tech materials
• Equipment
• Ongoing Technical support from
experienced Engineers
• Ongoing sales and marketing support
• Speedy & High-quality repairs (steam cure)
• No Digging
• Environmentally friendly (No VOC’s)
• Safe for underground utilities
• Watertight repair
• Residential, Municipal, Commercial & Industrial
• Cover lateral from 4’’-8’’ (100-200 mm) & mains from
6’’ – 18’’ (150-450 mm)
• Minimal reduction in pipe diameter due to
FORMADRAIN® high flexural modulus
• Structural repairs
• Substantial savings

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