Lateral Inspection


Sewer Lateral Inspection Toronto GTA

GLOBAL has the latest technology available to inspect lateral connections from within the mainline pipes. This process launches a camera from the main into a service line without any upstream access point to the lateral.

Global’s launcher can enter a lateral from within a mainline as small as 6 inches in diameter.

If you suspect that you have drain or sewer problems in your building plumbing or the private side of your sewer lateral such as a wastewater backup, call a professionally licensed for an inspection. Even if you aren’t experiencing drain or sewer problems, periodic inspections by a professionally licensed company are a good idea. This building sewer section of your plumbing system is often neglected by until problems arise. A video inspection will show any problems including grease, roots, cracks, and offset joints which affect normal sewer flow. Simple repairs can avoid spills and save you a lot of money.

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Lateral Inspection Tool


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